a mini conference for well rounded frontend developers

July 17, Stream ended.

Being a well rounded developer is so much more than writing good code.

You want advanced patterns in your bag that you can reach out when needed.

You keep up with what's happening in the ecosystem and know when to dive deeper.

You have non-technical skills - soft skills, communication and know how the tech industry works!

And finally, you're part of a community. It's much more fun learning together, getting feedback and cheering each other on!


July 17
  • Drag and drop for React applications

    We learn how to create interactive & stateful drag and drop interfaces with react-dnd. The devil really is in the details.
  • Serverless Workers on Edge

    If you could run code on a worker really close to the end user, how would that change your applications?
    Systems Engineer at Cloudflare, CTO at Linc
  • Tech lead's guide to getting promoted

    Both Varsha and Christian recently got promoted to tech lead, we talk to them to find what worked for them and what didn't.
    Tech Lead at Flipkart
    Tech Lead at CodeSandbox
  • It's dangerous to go alone

    It's much more fun learning together, sharing feedback and cheering each other on! Sara and Saurabh share their experience being part of communities.
    Developer at Remote, Queer human of QueerJS
    Developer at Razorpay, Maintainer of Abell


Will the talks be recorded?
Yes, the talks will be recorded and available for ticket holders after the conference.